Creativity • Strategy

Creativity • Strategy

Creativity and Strategy for Audiovisual Communication

Whether it is about achieving the objectives in Social Media Networking, Audiovisual Production, as a Community Builder or any other Professional Audiovisual Communication Service, a good creativity has to follow a good strategy as well, one that takes into account the targets, products, budget, competition, channels… all the possible resources and the objectives to achieve.

Below yo can find some concepts and strategies I’ve elaborated (always by teaming with my clients), that illustrate well the the integration of creativity, strategy, graphic design, branding, video and music production.

Differentiation is essential to the personality and character of a brand and it extends to every aspect of the communication: from the attributes that you want to communicate to the way they are communicated. So, here is where Creativity is the key.

• Kiss it! Salads & Pasta | Restaurant

Logotipo Cratividad Kiss It!

I was asked to develop a brand for an Italian Food Restaurant which would be a franchise in México. The restaurant’s main values were going to be: “fast service” and “low cost” meals while maintaining the quality above the media in this market.

Among several proposals, we liked the most a concept that combined the typical pasta romantic kiss with the typical italian chef gesture to express “exquisite”, so the name that included it all was “Kiss It! (ex-Kiss-It!)” with its logo formed by a heart shaped side view lips eating a spaghetti strip.

With it, later we developed campaigns exploiting the romantic, sensual and even erotic side of the concept. Yes, in a risky and daring way perhaps, but… effectively!

Concepto Creativo Kiss • Comunicación Audiovisual
Kiss onomatopoeia or censorship? It depends on you!.

Concepto Creativo 3X2 • Comunicación Audiovisual
Just a 3X2 Promotion

Concepto Creativo Kiss It! • Comunicación Audiovisual

Menu Display On Kiss It! Restaurant

Of course Kiss It! has its own “combos thing”, if you would like a package meal, there you can ask for a Kiss (number… whatever). Everything should be “Es Kiss It! Oh!” (copy thought for for hispano market, but in english it would be something like … X•Kiss It! exKiss It! perhaps).

• Reversible Documentary Video | iEnter Congress

I was in charge (with a team) of developing an Video Production for a Documentary that was going to be distributed among all the participants of an Entertainment Congress in Barcelona. The idea was to present the documentary in an interactive way which also made emphasis on its structural features. So, I used a “iEnter or digital Being” who is supposed to be behind the video launching all the formal features (effects, transitions, graphics, etc.) and who is shown (or activated) whenever the cursor got over the video making it turn over.

• Mimetic Logo and Local Idols | Piensa Chido (Think Cool)

Social Campaign for Drugs Prevention

The objective here was to develop another Anti Drugs Campaign. After an extensive reserch I came up with several conclusions, but the following were the ones that mainly drove the whole strategy of the campaign:

  • Teenagers tend to not listen to adults or many of messages that come from them, there is a cultural and maybe even inherent communication rupture at this age.
  • At that age, they listen and want to be like their idols.
  • There has been a misinformation by placing all drugs on the same box, so that when a teenager discovers some drug is not even near as harmful as he or she was taught, then this teenager get confused on the real risks and could easily drop away all the reasons of why not to try other (stronger) drugs.
  • They won’t believe anyone who tells them that smoking marijuana is a very dangerous thing to do, that they can become addicts immediately or things like that.
  • It is really important to separate each drug and teach them the real risks for them. Alcohol is like that.. Tabacco is different… Marijuana is like this… Cocaine like that…, and so on, according to investigations and real facts. In any case, addiction is always bad!
  • They think “cool people” use drugs. That has to be reverted.
  • 14 years teenagers (and under), mainly boys, were the hot spot for a preventive drugs campaign

Main Audiovisual Communication Strategy • Due to the low budget we were working with to launch this campaign, we couldn’t aim to have their actual idols visit their schools to distribute propagandistic items and communicate our message. But we could afford to build our own local idols in a first level of the campaign, while transmitting, at the same time, the message and positioning the campaigns brand. We recruited 4 young local talents in activities considered as cool by the majority of teenagers to make them popular through TV Spots, in order to make it possible, when we could get to this objective, that they could visit the schools to strengthen the campaign’s positioning and distribute more extensive and real information about drugs.

Creativity + strategy • We seek the right messages (slogans) in themselves.
• The campaign brand: Piensa Chido – Think Cool
• Slogans: “Drugs don’t worth the risk”, “Think Tall (skater), Think Spry (surfer), Think Powerful (karate), Think In Time (dj), Think!”, “Your freedom is one of the coolest things: Think!”, “Think Free!”
• Skater’s spoken message: “Take Care of yourself and of your friends, don’t let drugs destroy you: Think Cool”
• Surfer’s spoken message: “Don’t lose focus, don’t do drugs: Think cool”
• Karate’s spoken message: “Your strongest power is your mind, take care of it: Think Cool!”
• Dj’s spoken message: “Think In Time”

A mimetic logo! What???

Logo Mimético o Metamórfico

Drugs Preventive Campaign Mimetic Logo: In order to be more empathic, it adopts multiple personalities without harming its main distinctive identity.

The campaign brand needed to be empathic to persons at an age in which they aim to be different and are finding their identity. So, in order to have an empathetic image, besides using idols with four distinct talents, a good idea came to me “a mimetic logo” what??? Yes, a logo which could be transformed (without harming its distinctive idenity) in order to be strongly liked by different niches of teenagers. In a way: A multipersonality brand! We were going to use t-shirts, hats, pins and others to position and maintain the campaign, so they should have an image that teenagers would think of as a cool stuff to wear and a way to feel different.

“Take Care of yourself and of your friends, don’t let drugs destroy you: Think Cool”

“Think Free!”